Top 10 Norman’s YouTube video in the past 30 days | 140 video help your pottery activities

Over 140 videos are uploaded on the YouTube under the name of Norman Tomita. Most of them are my hobby’s pottery related.

Since I started YouTube seriously last year, the accumulated view is exceeded over 260,000 times and the number of subscriber reached over 600 people.

Most of videos are pottery related, Followings are the best 10 videos based on the accumulated watch times in the past 30days.

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Pottery slab bulding: Texture patter plates using a lace matt   YouTube video

view : 3000  watch timie: 7200 mni.

This video is a summary of my pottery gallery on lace pattern plates and how to make them. Unfortunately I can’t find some pottery terminology. I hope you can understand what in it.

Pottery Figure: Year of “Dog” 2018 YouTube

views:   1500      Watch time: 7700

Zodiac symbol of the year 2018 is the “Dog”. Many pottery lover will make a symbol around the end of year to get ready for the New Year. If you know fundamental techniques, you can create any animal. This is not sculpture. Enjoy create your own pet!

Making an aroma pot with a balloon     YouTube

Views: 1000  Watch Time: 6500
Making a lamp shade, aroma pot, an owl with a balloon. One more step up technique from a coil forming.

Japanese Tea Ceremony Bowls YouTube

飴釉・白萩 322g 120 x 75mm

Views:   1000   Watch time: 5900

Tea bowls are essential parts of the Japanese tea ceremony. At the ceremony, green powdered tea (call “Maccha”) is used and served. Usually a host invites several guests to a small tea room and serve “maccha” green tea.

It is one of very popular item at the pottery school and not difficult to make. However, there are some basic rules to follow in making them

Pottey techniques make a covered jar with a “balloon”       YouTube

Views:  1000     Watch time: 5500

This video introduces pottery techniques to make a covered jar with a balloon.
If anyone can make a cray balloon either by the handwheel or an electric wheel, it will provide  more satisfied results and more fun.

Let’s make “Ohinasama” dolls for the Hinamatsuri Series I YouTube

Views:  1000     Watch time: 5300

March 3rd is the Doll’s Festival in Japan. So called “Hinamatsuri”=Doll’s day is an occasion to pray young girls growth and happiness. Most of families with girls display dolls for the festival.The dolls depict the imperial court.

Basics of the coil forming YouTube

Views: 410    Watch time: 3500

The pottery coil forming technique is the most important technique which a pottery beginner must master. let’s go back to the coil forming basic to make a better pottery works.

Especially people who are having difficulty in centering and want to make lighter pottery works.

Making necklace YouTube

Views:  500    Watch time: 3000

This is the first time I ‘m making a plaster mold for a necklace ball. I assume you can simply make it with a roud cray. One problem. The total weight of the necklace would be too heavy to ware. By having a plaster cray, you can make a thin wall ball for the necklace and it will not cause for the stiff shoulder. A plaster mold technique is the one of vital method that you want to learn.

Booth Style Percile Holder YouTube

Views:  900 Watch time:2800

This slab building pencil holder is very popular in any pottery class.
If you use paper stencil, it is not difficult one to make. You can make a boots, sneaker or ordinary shoes. Students make this as a glass coaster. It is very unique and give you full pottery satisfaction. Component dimensions are added.

Covered jar with chattering marks YouTube

Views:  340   Watch time: 2700

Chattering techniques is fun and provide with you most satisfying results.
This can be use for a round dish, flower vase and any other round pottery works.

Everyone wants to try. Yet many people hesitate to use this technique due to unfamiliarity or lack of experience. It is very simple if anyone could understand the basic mechanism and having a proper tool.

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