Pottery Tableware Gallery

Tea Ceremony Bowl Gallery

Today, making “Tea Ceremony” bowls are popular item for pottery school students.
A tea bowl was imported from China in the 16th century as a rice bowl which was known as Tenmoku.

They were the preferred tea bowl for the Japanese tea ceremony up until the 16th century.
With the rise of the wabi tea ceremony in the late Muromachi (1336–1573), Korean Ido chawan bowls also became highly prized because of their rough simplicity.

Japanese Tea pot and Tea Things Gallery

A Japanese teapot is most difficult pottery one to make. There are so many components involved such as lid, handle, mouse and main body etc.,

Here’s some my works of Japanese teapots.

Mugcup and tea cup Gallery

The basic pottery item of mugcups and teacup.

If is fun to draw under glaze painting.

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